Contestant Qualifications:

A. Must be of 16 to 19 years of age at the time of Miss Teen India Pageant. Pageant.
B. Shall never have been married, have had a child, or have minor dependents.
C. Must be an Indian citizen or descendant of Indian Origin Parents (even either of one of the Parent can be of Indian Origin).
D. Must have good moral character and possess poise, personality and beauty of face and figure.

To be eligible for this contest, Miss Teen India must receive from the contestants the following:

1) Full body photograph of the contestant.
2) Two Recent Photographs( 1 head shot and 1 full-length)
3) A completed Preliminary Miss Teen India Contest Entry email/form.
4) A resume of the contestant with name, age, birthplace, date of birth, a short list of awards, activities, ambitions, career goals, and the name of the Father and Mother.
5) Photocopies of any supporting materials (example: Birth certificates, awards etc.,) that qualify you for this title. We cannot and will not return your materials or photographs.
(Additional proof may be requested at the discretion of the officials of Missteenindia.)
Miss Teen India reserves the right to reject or refuse any Contestant / Candidate or any Credentials / Photos submitted to it if it deems them as offensive or inappropriate for Miss Teen India's image and reputation. The decision will be final and at the sole discretion of Miss Teen India.

In line with our plans to revolutionize and spice up the usually linear beauty pageantry, we are introducing 5 unique titles


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