Miss Teen India Pageant

It is easy to assume that Miss Teen India is just another Beauty Contest. But here’s the twist.While the main aim of the contest is to select a Final winner who exhibits unexcelled beauty, high moral and ethical standards who can speak intelligently about various issues concerning the society that is not all we do at Miss Teen India.

We also run an academy to help young women contestants and others who are interested in developing their personality. That is, we concentrate on the personality too!

In our humble attempt to help young women develop their personality, our academy helps participants and others who are interested in developing their personality to face the world with confidence. You might wonder why Personality Development.It’s very simple. Our personality is what differentiates us from one another.

And at Miss Teen India, we believe that every individual’s persona can be nurtured, bettered and acquire elegance. We are trying to do what we can to help increase young women’s confidence, develop excellent communication skills, broaden the scope of knowledge and attain fine etiquettes and manner, and thus in the process imbibe style and grace.

Here is what we do -

  1. Bring positivity to your outlook. A woman's personality is truly defined by her positive thoughts and actions irrespective of the highs and lows of the situation.
  2. Express your opinion. One must never feel shy from projecting one’s opinion. Expressing your opinion is one of the few things that can make a person feel important.
  3. Be sociable. Often times, people tend to believe that socializing is a rather tedious and unnecessary inconvenience. However, the truth is, meeting new people gives you an opportunity to know more about different cultures and lifestyles, which can only have a positive effect on one’s personality.
  4. Read often and develop new interests. To explain in a single line, ‘A person of very few interests has very little to talk about’. Being well informed makes you more likeable to people as it allows you to strike up interesting conversations whenever required.
  5. Be a good listener. Hearing someone is not the same as listening to them. It is important to pay attention and give importance to the people talking to you. Listening can help you deal and attend to the people better.
  6. Be a little fun loving. Having a humorous side is often the only way out of terrible situations. Remember, everybody loves a person who can make them laugh and bring a funny perspective to the mundane things in life.
  7. Be courteous. Contrary to what todays’ generation thinks, being courteous is never out of fashion. Being humble and greeting people with a smile often ends up being the deal breaker.
  8. Have the proper Body Language. Your body language says a lot about you, even the way you walk, sit, talk and eat. It’s important to always seem confident and right.
  9. Wearing proper attire. While it might be your wish to wear what you want, it is important to make a good impression and fit your situation and surroundings.
  10. Being yourself. Remember, every one of us is different and each of us have something that we excel in. Only by being yourself can you keep your authenticity.
  11. Being confident. Never doubt your capabilities. If you ever find a deficit, work on it and get better, it’s no reason to believe that you’re not good at it.

Final event tentatively to take place in July 2018